2008 REU Award Winners

Integrating Time-Series Visualizations within Parallel Coordinates for Exploratory Analysis of Incident Databases
By Michael Butkiewicz
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Audience View
By Charisse Cotton
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Charisse Cotton

EleMental: The Recurrence
By Andrew Hicks & Katelyn Doran
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Andrew Hicks & Katelyn Doran


Future Computing Lab
REU Students: Toni Bloodworth, Jordana Hodges, Brandon Kerr, Virgil Simmons
Faculty: Dale Marie Wilson, Ph.D.
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Games + Learning Lab
REU Students: Hanan Alnizami, Michelle Chamberlain, Katelyn Doran, Samantha Finkelstein, Andrew Hicks, Jasamine Jackson, Bo-Mi Kang, Shawn Kirsch, Seong-Do Song, Seong-Hoon Song, Jun-Wook Sun, Kent Vasko
Faculty: Tiffany Barnes, Ph.D.; Michael Youngblood, Ph.D.
Download poster by Hanan Alnizami and Jasamine Jackson
Download poster by Michelle Chamberlain
Download poster by Katelyn Doran and Andrew Hicks
Download poster by Samantha Finkelstein, Bo-Mi Kang, Seong-Do Song, Seong-Hoon Song, and Jun-Wook Sun
Download poster by Shawn Kirsch
Download poster by Kent Vasko

Networking Lab
REU Students: Kelly Chang, Robert Goodrich, Andrea Grumbles
Faculty: Jamie Payton, Ph.D.
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Download poster by Andrea Grumbles

Visualization Lab
REU Students: Kevin Bensema, Michael Butkiewicz, Lane Harrison, Ami Robbins
Faculty: Bill Ribarsky, Ph.D.; Zach Wartell, Ph.D.; Aidong Lu, Ph.D.
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Download poster by Michael Butkiewicz
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Human Computing Interaction Lab
REU Students: Charisse Cotton, Lauren Hamilton
Faculty: Heather Lipford, Ph.D.

2008 Picture Gallery