The Common Application

The Common Application has been a collaboration of the CISE REU community. The Assessment Work Group began discussions of the Common Application as a means of collecting descriptive information about the national pool of CISE REU applicants. All PIs are invited and encouraged to use the Common Application as the primary means of collecting applicant pools, which can be tailored to each site’s needs. Use of the Common Application is not required by the NSF.

What is the benefit of using the Common Application?

Benefits to PIs:

  • An easy to use online application form that populates a live spreadsheet of only your site’s applicants
  • User-friendly for applicants
  • User-friendly for PIs and site staff
  • Saves you the time of having to create and design an application
  • Customizable to include any additional unique items for your site application

Benefits to the CISE REU community & NSF:

  • Provides a comprehensive profile of non-replicated applicants to the NSF
  • Informs the community and the NSF of the national interest and need in CISE REU opportunities

How can I sign up to use the Common Application?

  • Contact the UNC Charlotte REU evaluator, and CISE REU Assessment Work Group member, Audrey Rorrer (audrey.rorrer [AT] uncc [DOT] edu). She will provide you with direct access to the Common Application for your site, and instructions for customizing.

How can I modify the Common Application to fit the unique needs of my site?

  • An instructional document will be sent to you in the Common Application confirmation email once you have requested access. The instructional document is also contained in the Toolkit, by following this link.

What if students don’t want to participate in the CISE REU applicant pool research?

  • No student will be denied access to apply to CISE REU sites, even if they do not wish to complete the Common Application. Students who wish to be excluded from the research study underlying the Common Application may contact the PI (as indicated in the application or site web page) or may opt to contact Audrey Rorrer, the researcher listed in the Informed Consent (first page of the Common Application). In the event that this occurs, the PI will need to offer a separate application to this applicant. This application copy will be accessible only by the site’s PI and administrative staff, and not to the Common Application researcher. Our suggestion is that the PI offer a document copy of the Common Application to complete. Any applicants who contact Audrey Rorrer will be directed to the site PI.