Survey Development

The a La Carte Validation Survey has been developed in 6 stages:

Project Development Phases

Phase I: Humboldt State University conducted an examination of current surveys and items in use by CISE REU sites. Completed in 2009

Phase II: Humboldt State University develops specific measure addressing the REU goals and outcomes, based upon the Recommended Indicators. Completed in 2009. Humboldt report .

Phase III: The A La Carte Survey was made available for use by CISE REU PIs.Completed in 2010

Phase IV: The a La Carte Validation Survey was implemented to validate the A La Carte Survey in May and August 2010.

Phase V: A principal component analysis was conducted on the 2010 implementation of the A la Carte Survey to determine scale integrity and item reduction. The survey was reduced by 33%. Results were announced at the CISE REU PI Meeting being held March 16-17, 2011 in Pasadena, California. The results of item reduction are available here

Phase VI: New Modules were developed for use in the 2013 survey, and in the 2014 survey implementation, to address the needs of the CISE REU PI community. The new modules include research skills (2013), mentoring, leadership and professional identity (2014).