Wireless Network and Sensing Lab
REU Students: Ashton Maltie, Tori Chambers
Faculty: Dr. Jamie Payton
Social Activity Recognition using a Wrist-Worn Accelerometer
Download presentation by Ashton Maltie

Video & Image Analysis Lab
REU Students: Annika Fredrikson, Andrew Brinker, Vivienne Shaw, Connor Greenwell 
Faculty: Dr. Richard Souvenir, Dr. Shaoting Zhang
Finding Cells via Adaptive Detectors for Breast Cancer Image Analysis
Download presentation by Annika Fredrikson
Better Boundaries: Fixing Cell Segments in Breast Cancer Images
Download presentation by Andrew Brinker
Automatically Detecting Ant Interactions from Video
Download presentation by Vivienne Shaw
Image Geolocation from Faces
Download presentation by Connor Greenwell

Charlotte Visualization Center
REU Students: Darren Stevens, Bridget Bissell
Faculty: Dr. Wenwen Dou, Dr. Zachary Wartell
Visualizations for Complex Data
Download presentation by Darren Stevens
The Role of Cursor Offset in Surround Screen Virtual Environments
Download presentation by Bridget Bissell

Human-Computer Interaction Lab
REU Students: Elizabeth Riddell, Michelle Chen
Faculty: Dr. Celine Latulipe, Dr. Mary Lou Maher
Dancing with Technology: Cultivating Presences through Distributed Movement Practice
Download presentation by Elizabeth Riddell
Tangible Creativity: Creative Composition with DInKs
Download presentation by Michele Chen