About Us

This toolkit has been prepared by the CISE REU Assessment Work Group, formed at the PI Meeting in March of 2009. The contents are founded upon the NSF’s online guide to program evaluation (pdf) and the ADVANCE evaluation toolkit portal (portal). We specify CISE REU indicators, goals and outcomes throughout, providing samples of evaluation components for your own modification and use. You may choose to adopt the indicators and templates in this toolkit, or continue with your original reporting structure. The standardization recommended in this toolkit offers potential benefits in terms of cross-institutional comparisons, and a way to tell the collective CISE REU story. This toolkit and its contents have emerged from a collective effort from the CISE REU PI community as a means of facilitating CISE REU research and strengthening the REU site case, reporting, and proposals. The toolkit is an ongoing project, being led by Audrey Rorrer, Evaluator, with collaboration across the CISE REU PI Community

This material is based upon work supported by two supplemental grants from the National Science Foundation under PI Teresa Dahlberg (2009-2011) and continued under PI Jamie Payton (2011-2013). The Toolkit has been funded by NSF awards # 1346847; 1645846; 1936534 under PI Audrey Rorrer. Any opinion, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of CISE REU Assessment Work Group and/or Rorrer, and do not necessary reflect the views of National Science Foundation.