The Shared Applicant Pool

The Shared Applicant Pool has been a collaboration of the CISE REU community and is the result of a demand for applicants. The Shared Applicant Pool is managed from the Common Application. All PIs are invited and encouraged to use the Common Application and the Shared Applicant Pool as the primary means of collecting applicant pools, which can be tailored to each site’s needs. Use of the Common Application or Common Application is not required by the NSF. The Shared Applicant Pool is a means for shared UNSELECTED candidates across sites

What is the benefit of using the Shared Applicant Pool?

PIs decide to share site applicants to the Applicant Sharing Pool, after site selection process is complete

  • Only unselected applicants (who have also opted to participate) are contained in the pool
  • All PIs can view the Applicant Sharing Pool candidates via password protected online folder
  • Voluntary participation: Site agrees AND applicant agrees
  • Increased opportunities for unselected candidates
  • Increased candidate pool for sites with low number of applicants

How can I sign up to use the Shared Applicant Pool?

All Site PIs receive access to the Google Form that contains the shared applicant pool. Shared Applicants originate from those sites that deploy the Common Application and have ‘released’ applicants for distribution in the pool.

What if students do not want to participate in the Shared Applicant Pool?

No student will be shared in the Shared Pool who declines the offer. Each Common Application contains an item asking applicants whether or not they wish their applications to be shared across sites. When they choose no, their materials are not included in the Shared Applicant Pool.